Facts and figures

  • Implemented: Multistax SaaS
  • Migrated: To an automated cloud native architecture with Multistax
  • Better insight in application security and performance
  • Faster and more controlled deployment of applications

“After a smooth migration to Multistax, we got in full control of our cloud environment without the need to hire any cloud engineers. Our developers can now purely focus on software development while SUE and the built-in capabilities of the platform take care of CloudOps,”

IT Director, Software development company


A prominent software development company needed an immediate solution for their unmanaged cloud platform due to a manual setup and a knowledge gap.. Additionally, they aimed to enhance security and improve application deployment management. Multistax, with its comprehensive multi-cloud management capabilities, was chosen to address these needs.


The software development company faced challenges with fragmented workflows, rising cloud costs, and inconsistent security measures across its development and deployment environments. They needed a holistic solution that could integrate all aspects of cloud management, provide clear cost insights, and ensure robust security and performance. Multistax emerged as the ideal solution, offering a cloud platform to best practices that achieved their objectives.


Multistax is a cutting-edge continuous application delivery platform that integrates various cloud operations into a single, cohesive interface. It provides tools for unified application development and deployment, detailed cost insights, enhanced security measures, and comprehensive application performance management. Multistax empowers organizations to optimize their cloud strategies effectively.


After implementing Multistax, the software development company saw significant improvements in several key areas:

  • Unified Development and Deployment: Multistax provided a standardized framework for developing and deploying applications. This single way of working eliminated discrepancies between different teams, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Cost Insights and Optimization: The platform delivered detailed insights into cloud spending, allowing the company to monitor and manage application costs effectively. Real-time cost analytics helped identify and eliminate unnecessary expenditures, leading to substantial savings.

  • Enhanced Security: With integrated security features, Multistax ensured that all applications and data were protected against potential threats. Automated security policies and regular compliance checks bolstered the company’s overall security posture.

  • Application Performance Management: Multistax offers comprehensive features to monitor and enhance application performance. This included real-time performance metrics, automated scaling, and proactive issue resolution, ensuring that applications ran smoothly and efficiently.


With Multistax, the software development company unified and streamlined its application development and deployment processes, gained valuable insights into cloud costs, and significantly enhanced security and application performance management. This comprehensive approach enabled the company to deliver high-quality software more rapidly and cost-effectively while maintaining robust security and optimal performance.

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~ This blog was written by Serge van Namen,