Facts and figures

  • Implemented: Multistax SaaS
  • Project: Integration of Multistax with existing CI and SIEM tooling
  • Improved collaboration between global development teams
  • Faster deployment of applications in a multi-cloud environment

“With Multistax as our multi-cloud platform, we are able to deploy and manage our applications in a uniform way. This enhances collaboration between our global development teams and significantly speeds up our application deployments. It has been crucial in driving our digital transformation forward.”

CIO, International insurance company


A leading global reinsurance company faced the challenge of their time-to-market being slowed down due to a sprawl of cloud deployment methods. To address these needs, the company implemented Multistax, a comprehensive multi-cloud management platform. SUE took care of the integration with the existing CI processes and provided support if needed.


The customer was dealing with fragmented cloud environments across various regions, leading to inefficiencies in collaboration and slower application deployment times. They needed a solution that could unify their application deployment across multiple clouds. Multistax helps them to provide visibility across all platforms, and streamline their deployment processes. With Multistax, the customer had the ability to deploy applications in multiple cloud environments from a single interface with an equal user experience for every cloud, ensuring seamless collaboration and faster application rollouts.


Multistax is an advanced multi-cloud management platform designed to simplify and optimize cloud operations. It offers a unified dashboard for managing diverse cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and hybrid setups. Multistax enhances visibility, governance, and cost management, enabling organizations to efficiently manage and orchestrate their cloud resources.


Upon integrating Multistax, the global insurance company transformed its cloud operations. Here’s how Multistax was utilized:

  • Enhanced visibility and control: The platform offered detailed insights into cloud usage, performance metrics, and cost analysis. This visibility allowed the company to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

  • Streamlined deployment processes: With Multistax, the company automated and standardized its deployment workflows. This automation significantly reduced the time required to deploy applications, enabling faster delivery of new features and services to the market.

  • Improved collaboration: The platform’s collaborative features enabled development teams across different geographies to work together more effectively. Shared dashboards, real-time updates, and unified communication channels ensured that everyone was on the same page, reducing delays and misunderstandings.


By leveraging Multistax, the global insurance company not only improved collaboration among its development teams but also achieved faster, more efficient application deployment. This resulted in enhanced operational efficiency, better resource management, and a more agile development process, ultimately driving the company’s digital transformation forward.

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~ This blog was written by F. van der Molen,

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